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There is no doubt about it, living in California has itís benefits when it comes to outdoor activities, Recent scientific data indicates that Los Angeles has the highest amount of sunny days in California calculated at approximately 292 days per year. This presents specific problems for those of us who are exposed to the sun. At the Wilshire Center for Dermatology we specialize in dramatically improving the appearance of sun damaged skin, giving you back a more youthful and vibrant look. We effectively treat wrinkles and age spots, varicose and spider veins as well as screen for cancerous lesions and moles. The incidence of skin cancer is on the increase in the United States with approximately 3.5 million new cases being diagnosed annually. Early detection is critical to obtain a good prognosis. We at Wilshire dermatology are experts in diagnosing and treating skin cancer with minimally invasive methods and highly recommend regular screening to detect Melanoma and other forms of skin cancers. The Wilshire Center for Dermatology is committed to keeping you healthy and looking your best with affordable solutions and state of the art technology. Our surgical consultations are free and there is no pressure or obligation to proceed with any procedure. We give you the information regarding the optimal treatment available for your specific concern and leave the deciding to you.  If you would like to discuss any concerns call us for a consultation. We are at your service.

We provide high quality affordable solutions for all your dermatologic and cosmetic concerns. The Wilshire Centre for Dermatology offers our clients fully comprehensive and outstanding quality medical and cosmetic dermatology services. Our accredited facility offers the most advanced surgical and non-surgical options available. We have an exceptionally skilled team of prestigious board certified physicians and surgeons, ready to assist you with their expertise in achieving your goals. Each member of our team is a leader in the industry and dedicated to providing you with optimum personalized service. Your overall well being is our main focus and at The Wilshire Center for Dermatology, You are the center of attention!

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